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Santa Clara County Family Law Attorney

family at beachWhen your family is experiencing significant changes, you need to be well-informed and empowered to make decisions regarding your future. This can be challenging when you do not have the resources you need and there are a variety of options in front of you.

From my office — the Law Office of Amy L. Stavis — I provide legal representation to individuals throughout Santa Clara County, California. I have 22 years of experience as a family law attorney and I handle cases involving divorce, child custody, visitation/timeshare, child support, spousal support, paternity, restraining orders, prenuptial Agreements, post-divorce modifications, and a wide range of other family law issues.

I have been practicing law since 1997 and have always taken a special interest in the needs of my clients. I balance my representation between achieving my clients' short-term needs and helping them evaluate their long-term goals. I customize my legal services for each individual case. While I sometimes suggest that my clients pursue mediation when it is an option, I most certainly can be a strong advocate for my clients in the courtroom and in private negotiations as well. I put my heart into my cases as I attempt to further my clients' best interests, with the goal of reaching a fair and reasonable settlement, without unnecessarily incurring substantial fees and costs.

So as to offer a variety of choices depending upon your legal needs and budget, I can provide assistance in the following number of ways:

  • Attorney of record: As your attorney of record, I can be your legal advocate throughout all aspects of your family law case. I can represent you in Court, at meetings, in conferences, or in whatever capacity is needed under the circumstances. I can also help to negotiate the terms of a settlement and advise you during each step of the process. I believe that it is very important for us to have optimal communication so that I can fully advise you as your case proceeds. Sometimes, expert assistance is also needed from reputable outside sources such as accountants, appraisers, psychologists, vocational evaluators, etc. I can explain to you the potential benefits of such involvement as we develop and strategize your case. Sometimes clients need experts to be part of their "team".
  • Limited scope attorney: If you only need counsel for very specific aspects of your case, or even for just one hearing or meeting, I can provide limited assistance, rather than needing to be retained as your attorney of record for your entire case. For example, if you have already gone through a divorce, but now need a child support modification, I can be retained as your attorney solely for this purpose. Or it may be that you are effectively handling your divorce or support case, but just need help in handling the custody issues that are involved. I can represent you in the custody-related aspect of your case only. Limited scope attorney services can be a more cost-effective way for you to get the help that you need only when you need it.
  • Consulting attorney: In some cases, individuals would like to represent themselves throughout their legal proceedings, but would still like to receive guidance and advice during the process. I can work on an hourly basis, helping you navigate through the parts of the process that you need help with, without being your attorney of record. I can prepare Court documents or other paperwork for you, draft proposals or Agreements, or give you very clear instruction regarding how to prepare your own documents. I can also meet with you before important Court dates or meetings and explain to you how to best present yourself, and offer you suggestions as to what approach to take in order to be most effective and productive.
  • Consulting attorney during mediation: When people are involved in mediation, it is still beneficial to receive advice about your particular rights. If you are already involved in mediation or will likely engage the services of a mediator, I can provide assistance to you by helping you strategize before a mediation session, counseling you throughout the mediation process, advising you as to what to propose, and discussing potential Agreements with you before you sign off on such important documents. I can also help you with the drafting of required paperwork, which could otherwise be very overwhelming.
  • Mediator: If you and the opposing party are interested in pursuing mediation as a means to resolve your legal dispute, or if perhaps you just need an attorney to draft all of the relevant documents in your case after you have discussed a settlement, I can be retained as your mediator and act as a neutral party who can hopefully assist you in resolving your case and reaching a final settlement without ever needing to go to Court.

Contact Santa Clara County Divorce Attorney, Amy L. Stavis

Ultimately, if a family law issue is of concern to you, it is of concern to me. I will do all that I can to make the legal process as cost-effective, efficient, understandable, and stress-free for you as possible.

I encourage you to contact my office by telephone at 408-354-3770 to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation.

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