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Santa Clara County Mediation Attorney

MediationIs Mediation An Option For You?

It is possible to resolve your entire case without ever having to go to Court. Many people don't know that, but it's true. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable mediator, a comprehensive settlement can be reached without ever needing to litigate your case. The atmosphere of mediation can perhaps be described as a more private and intimate setting, where the issues involved in your particular case can be addressed by a neutral attorney.

At my Los Gatos, California, law firm — The Law Office Amy L. Stavis — I pride myself on effectively facilitating and simplifying a process of trying to resolve domestic problems that arise in divorce cases, custody matters, etc. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying to find some common ground from the outset of your case. It is certainly a great place to start an effective mediation process, and it very often leads to a productive discussion about other issues that can ultimately be resolved without the need for litigation and added stress.

What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?

Mediation is a less expensive alternative to very involved custody, property division, and divorce-related litigation. When you are involved in litigation, you no longer retain control over the outcome of your case. In mediation, however, both parties can provide input into the decision-making process rather than handing over such major decisions to a judge or custody evaluator. The ultimate decisions that they make can affect your family for years to come. And these individuals will never have the personal understanding about your family in the way that you do.

When I meet with people in the atmosphere of mediation, I like to hear from both parties and understand their desired outcomes and concerns. I truly enjoy helping people address those issues and negotiate detailed Agreements based upon their particular circumstances. Over time, circumstances may change. Writing up a very detailed agreement is extremely important, and I can help you do so, hopefully with ease in a non-adversarial setting.

If working through issues with the opposing party and trying to reach a reasonable and fair settlement sounds like the right approach for you, please contact my office to schedule an appointment with me by calling 408-354-3770. We can make arrangements for you to have a 30-minute initial consultation at no charge to you.

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